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Why RWC?

Cable from RWC is manufactured in strict acccordance with Lutron Electronics Co. Inc's cable specifications for select Lutron® Systems, including Lighting Control, Shade Control and Energy Management.  

Cable Features

Control Cables Lutron Cables  Features

Product List

18-4C OAS + 16-2C + 18-1C - SIVOIA (SVQ-CPBL)WhiteRedOrder
12-2C + 22-2C OAS CMP - QUANTUM SYSTEM LONG (QSH-PCBL-L)4WhiteBrownOrder
12-2 + 22-2 OAS + 18-1 CMP - GRAFIK EYE 4000 (GRX-PCBL-46L)WhiteBlueOrder
22-05 OAS SOL FEP - ECO SYS 5 CONDUCTOR (C-PCBL-522S-CL-1)22ClearOrder
16-02 NS SOL FEP - ECO SYS CABLE (C-CBL-216-GR-1)162ClearOrder
18-02 STR PVC + 22-1P OAS - KEYPAD (GRX-CBL-346S)4Light BlueYellowOrder
18-4C STR OAS - HOMEWORKS184BlueWhiteOrder
18-4C OAS + 16-2C + 18-1C - SIVOIA (SVQ-CBL)18/16/181/2/4BlueRedOrder
12-2C + 22-2C OAS PVC - QUANTUM SYSTEM LONG (QSH-CBL-L)4BlueBrownOrder
16-2 UNS + 22-2 OAS - QUANTUM SYSTEM MEDIUM (QSH-CBL-M)22/162/2PartiallyWhiteOrder
18-2C STR OAS - HOMEWORKS182BluePinkOrder
18-2 OAS + 22-1P OAS LC - GRAFIK EYE 3000 (GRX-CBL-346S)4Light BlueGreenOrder
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